Webshipper – How do i upgrade or downgrade my payment plan?

In order to upgrade, or downgrade, your payment plan please follow the steps below. #1 Go to the your account name in the top right corner and select “Subscription”. #2 Click “change payment plan” #3 Choose your preferred plan and confirm Your payment plan has now been up- or downgraded and will reflect on the next […]

Webshipper – Create a custom tracking e-mail

Webshipper supports custom tracking e-mails. #1 Click on settings in the top of the screen, and select Tracking emails. If no e-mail is already created, click Create tracking email. Craft your own customized tracking e-mail using the dynamic placeholders on the right. #2 Select the colors of the e-mail. #3 Select which shippers should trigger the e-mail. […]

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