Get started with Webshipper for E-conomic

If you need help with setting up E-conomic from the start, follow this guide step-by-step. Otherwise you can use the quick-links below, for a guide on certain parts. Connect your E-conomic Adding a shipper Adding a shipping rate Importing orders/invoices   1. Connect your E-conomic with Webshipper Start by creating a Webshipper account on Webshipper.com […]

Webshipper – Setting up e-conomic integration with webshipper

To setup webshipper with e-conomic you need to authorize webshipper  with your e-conomic account. First go to “Settings” -> “Add Order System” Select e-conomic Insert your e-conomic Account Number Fill in the sender address for shipments from e-conomic You should now have a window that looks similar to this: Click “Approve webshipper”. You will now be […]

Webshipper – Import orders from e-conomic

When you have set up your e-conomic connection you are ready to import orders from economic. This can be done either by enabling automatic import – or by importing orders and invoices manually. To enable automatic import, go to your economic order system => click edit order system => Tick “Automatic import” and either or both “Automatically […]

Webshipper – Setup E-conomic webhooks

The easiest and best way to integrate with e-conomic is by using webhooks.   What is Webhooks? Webhooks send data from E-conomic to Webshipper automatically when an event happens.   We support 2 types of events in E-conomic. Order updated This hook will: Transfer new orders to Webshipper Update existing e-conomic  orders in Webshipper HOOK: […]

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