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Setup Woocommerce for WordPress Multisite

This guide is only for WordPress multi-site configurations. For regular installations, see this guide: Login to WordPress with you Network Admin Account. If you do not have access to this account, you may have to contact your network admin or provider and have them add the following plugin. When adding plugins as a network […]

Get started with Webshipper for Magento

If you need help with setting up Magento from the start, follow this guide step-by-step. Otherwise you can use the quick-links below, for a guide on certain parts. Connect your Magento Adding a shipper Adding a shipping rate   1. Connect your Magento with Webshipper Start by creating a Webshipper account on or […]

Webshipper – How to print a shipping label

There are multiple ways to print a shipping label in Webshipper. See a all of them explained below. Option 1: Print from the orders list Option 2: Print from the single order view Press the green “Print Label” button located below the order description What happens when i press “Print label”? If you use Automated print […]

Webshipper – Add your webshop or order system

First you need to add your webshop or order system to Webshipper. How to add a webshop or order system 1. Click “Settings” in the top navigation bar 2. Click the button “Add order system” 3. Choose your order system and fill out the information 4. Confirm by clicking “Create” at the bottom of the […]

Setup Coolrunner for Prestashop

If you run a Prestashop 1.6 or 1.5 and wish to use Coolrunner, this is how to setup the integration. This guide contains 2 steps: Setup Webshipper Account Setup prestashop connection Setup Webshipper account #1 Create a Webshipper account via #2 Follow the 3 step guide to get started. Click “Create your first order system”. #3 […]

Webshipper – Create a shipping rate

After creating a shipper you need to create a shipping rate. Shipping rates will be displayed in your webshop checkout, and are used to automate shipments. In that way you dont need to make all the decisions on all shipments, which are often the same. How to create a shipping rate #1 Go to “Settings” […]

Webshipper – Create shipper

After adding your webshop you need to create a shipper. How to create a shipper 1. Go to “Settings” > “Order systems” > Select your order system 2. Click the button “Add shipper” 3. You will see a list of shippers. Select the shipper you would like to integrate with 4. Insert the correct login information […]

Webshipper – Get your logo on the packaging slip

To get you logo on packaging slips follow the steps below. 1. Go to your order system under “Settings” => “Order systems” and click “Edit order system”. 2. Upload your logo and press “update”. Your logo will now appear on all packaging slips.

Webshipper – How to edit your destination countries on a shipping rate

In order to change the destination country for your shipping rates, you can follow these steps below. 1) Start by navigating to your specific “order system”, of which you want to edit your shipping rate. 2) Now click on the specific rate, where you want to add or remove any destination country. 3) If you scroll […]

Webshipper – Set up Post Danmark

Choose which integration to use Post Danmark can be integrated with webshipper in 2 ways. Either with Pacsoft or with a native EDI integration. Before you choose which integration to use, please have a look at the following pros and cons. EDI ( Recommended ) Pros * You can print labels in Webshippers Automated Printer client […]

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