Order handling

Webshipper – Add product line to order

Follow the guide If you wish to add another product line to an order or shipment.   #1 If the order is pending the  “add order item” will be available here. 1b: If the order is pending you can add an item line, by clicking on “Send more to customer”. After adding the line items, press […]

Webshipper – Send an order partly

If you only want to send specific items in an order, you can do so by marking the individual order item. The picture below contains three individual order items in one order. Mark the ones you want to send and press “Send order now”.    

Webshipper – How to make a return label

Enable return labels In order to create a return label for a given shipment, you first need to configure a return-rate. For this example we will use GLS. It is the same for all carriers that supports Return Shipments. Go to “Settings” => “Overview” => Your order system Now you should have a screen similar to […]

Webshipper – Handle multiple parcels for an order

A common scenario is having multiple Colli/parcels for the same order which requires multiple shipping labels. In order to create the required number of shipping labels do the following. 1. Go to the order page in Webshipper 2a. If the order is “Processed” automatically from your webshop you need to delete the shipment. 2b. If the […]

Webshipper – I sent an order with the wrong shipping rate

If you have sent an order with the wrong shipping rate – its simple to redo. Go to your order in webshipper and you will see the “wrong” fulfillment. You will need to delete this by clicking the arrow next to “Print label” and then click “Delete fulfillment”. After the fulfillment is deleted you are […]

Webshipper – Add droppoint informations to an existing order

In order to apply droppoint information to an existing order – or correct the current information –  follow the steps below: Go to the order in webshipper. Click edit in the dropdown next to “Ship now”. Ensure that a droppoint shipping rate is selected, and search for droppoint by zip code. Click “Save”. You should […]

Webshipper – Getting started with the printer client

Webshippers printer client for windows makes the daily workflow nice and easy and saves you lots of manual work. It allows you to print shipping labels and packaging slips without any annoying clicks and dialogues. To setup automatic printing with webshipper, please follow the steps below. Download the printer client ( Download link can be […]

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