Get started with Webshipr for Prestashop

If you need help with setting up Prestashop from the start, follow this guide step-by-step. Otherwise you can use the quick-links below, for a guide on certain parts. Connect your Prestashop Adding a shipper Adding a shipping rate Establish a connection   1. Connect your Prestashop with Webshipr Start by creating a Webshipr account on […]

Setup Coolrunner for Prestashop

If you run a Prestashop 1.6 or 1.5 and wish to use Coolrunner, this is how to setup the integration. This guide contains 2 steps: Setup Webshipr Account Setup prestashop connection Setup Webshipr account #1 Create a Webshipr account via #2 Follow the 3 step guide to get started. Click “Create your first order system”. #3 […]

Prestashop – Setting up prestashop

In order to setup Prestashop with webshipr, follow the steps below. #1 Add the desired carriers to your order system, and configure shipping rates. Add the desired carrier and shipping rates under the order system. Ensure that they are configured before installing the prestashop module as all shipping rates and configurations need to be mapped to […]

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