Zebra Scanner setup

Guide for setting up the Zebra scanner. Connect the scanner to an USB port and  download the Zebra CoreScanner driver. 64-bit version: Link 32-bit version: Link Scan the following barcode   Support for the following scanners is confirmed: LS2208, LI2208. Please contact Webshipper, before buying another model.  

Socket Mobile Setup

Setup Socket Mobile Scanner Download socket mobile driver 32 Bit Desktop Setup: SocketScan 10 – 3.5 MB [msi] 64 Bit Desktop Setup: 64 Bit Desktop Setup: SocketScan 10 – 3.7 MB [msi] 2. Install the driver Download & Install socket mobile companion: socketmobilecompanion-windows-x64 3. Add COM port, and select the correct port on the webpage 4. […]

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