Shipping labels

Printer client – How to setup Webshipper labels with a Zebra printer

This guide shortly explains how you can setup your Zebra printer to work with Webshipper labels. Webshipper labels is sold at and measures 102x214mm.   Since those labels is a little longer than the typical 102x192mm, we’ll need to adjust our printer accordingly. Open “Control panel” on your machine and go to “View devices and printers”. […]

Webshipper – How to print a shipping label

There are multiple ways to print a shipping label in Webshipper. See a all of them explained below. Option 1: Print from the orders list Option 2: Print from the single order view Press the green “Print Label” button located below the order description What happens when i press “Print label”? If you use Automated print […]

Webshipper – How to make a return label

Enable return labels In order to create a return label for a given shipment, you first need to configure a return-rate. For this example we will use GLS. It is the same for all carriers that supports Return Shipments. Go to “Settings” => “Overview” => Your order system Now you should have a screen similar to […]

Webshipper – Handle multiple parcels for an order

A common scenario is having multiple Colli/parcels for the same order which requires multiple shipping labels. In order to create the required number of shipping labels do the following. 1. Go to the order page in Webshipper 2a. If the order is “Processed” automatically from your webshop you need to delete the shipment. 2b. If the […]

Webshipper – Create a shipping rate

After creating a shipper you need to create a shipping rate. Shipping rates will be displayed in your webshop checkout, and are used to automate shipments. In that way you dont need to make all the decisions on all shipments, which are often the same. How to create a shipping rate #1 Go to “Settings” […]

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