Get started with Webshipper for Shopify

If you need help with setting up Shopify from the start, follow this guide step-by-step. Otherwise you can use the quick-links below, for a guide on certain parts. Connect your Shopify Adding a shipper Adding a shipping rate   1. Connect your Shopify with Webshipper Start by creating a Webshipper account on or […]

Customize notification templates for Pickup Points

Introduction When you’re using Pickup Points in shopify and want to show the correct adress in the notification-mail, small adjustments is required. The examples in this article is for guidance and can be changed according to your needs. The principles can also be used for other Shopify templates, not shown in this guide. All examples presume that you’ve […]

Shopify – Setting up shopify

To setup shopify you should add an order system in webshipper portal by clicking “Settings” => “Add Ordersystem” Now fill the form, and go to your newly created order system. You should now be prompted for your myshopify url, ie. like below: When clicking “verify” you are being sent to shopify, which will ask you […]

Shopify – How to enable Drop Points in checkout

You can with Webshipper enable Drop Points, like Bring drop points, “Post Danmark Valgfrit Afhentningssted” or “GLS Pakkeshop” in the shopify checkout. In order to enable drop points, it is required that your shopify subscription has “Carrier Calculated Shipping” enabled. Check the plan overview to ensure which plan you have. If its not included in […]

Shopify – How to check if Carrier-calculated shipping is activated

  1) Login to your shopify account and navigate to “Settings” => “Shipping”. 2) Under “Shipping Zones” you will see the following if Carrier-calculated shipping, isn’t set up correctly: And this is how it will look like if Carrier-calculated shipping, is set up correctly: 3) If you find out that Carrier-calculated shipping isn’t set up […]

Shopify – Insert tracking URL in notification e-mail template

With Webshipper it is possible to insert the tracking URL of a shipment or shipper in to a notification template. You this by editing the notification template in Shopify. Insert the following codesnippet: {% for tracking_url in fulfillment.tracking_urls %} {{ tracking_url }} {% endfor %}   Save the template and you are done. The order […]

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