Get a Google Maps API Key

Google have recently updated their API policies. Therefore you now need a Google Maps API key to use the google maps view in the Webshipper drop point selector. Follow the guide below to retreive a key: #1 Go to https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/ #2 Click the button “Get a key”, and press continue to create a project #3 […]

Get started with Webshipper for WooCommerce

If you need help with setting up WooCommerce from the start, follow this guide step-by-step. Otherwise you can use the quick-links below, for a guide on certain parts. Connect your WooCommerce Adding a shipper Adding a shipping rate   1. Connect your WooCommerce with Webshipper Start by creating a Webshipper account on Webshipper.com or Webshipper.dk […]

Setup Woocommerce for WordPress Multisite

This guide is only for WordPress multi-site configurations. For regular installations, see this guide: http://support.webshipper.com/article/woocommerce-setup-woocommerce/ Login to WordPress with you Network Admin Account. If you do not have access to this account, you may have to contact your network admin or provider and have them add the following plugin. When adding plugins as a network […]

WooCommerce – Setup WooCommerce

To setup woocommerce with webshipper, follow the steps below. 1) Install the plugin in WooCommerce by clicking the plugins section and searching for webshipper directly from woocommerce. Install the module. 2) Insert the API token from webshipper under settings in woocommerce. Notice: Use the API token for the order system. The settings in woocommerce are […]

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