If you run a Prestashop 1.6 or 1.5 and wish to use Coolrunner, this is how to setup the integration.

This guide contains 2 steps:

  • Setup Webshipper Account
  • Setup prestashop connection

Setup Webshipper account

#1 Create a Webshipper account via Coolrunner.dk

#2 Follow the 3 step guide to get started. Click “Create your first order system”.

#3 Insert your Webshop name and edit contact information. Then click “Create”.

#4 You now need to Create Coolrunner as a shipper. Click “Create your first carrier now”.

#5 Find Coolrunner on the list of available shippers

#6A Fill out user and API token. You will find this in your Coolrunner account. (See 6B/6C)

#6B Go to your Coolrunner.dk account and enable “Webservice”. Then press save.

22-01-2016 09-16-48

#6C Copy the Username and API token to Webshipper.

22-01-2016 09-18-15

#7 Finally, you need to setup the Shipping rate used in your Prestashop. Click “Create your first shipping rate”.

#8 Choose the Carrier service you wish to use. Price and weight range is displayed in ().


Create all the rates you need in your shop.

Setup Prestashop connection

#1 Download Webshipper Prestashop plugin from the order system page in Webshipper

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#2 Upload, Install and activate plugin

22-01-2016 09-30-35

#3 Click “Configure” to go to plugin configuration

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#4 Enable Autoprocess to enable that orders will be transfered to Webshipper automatically.

#5 Select “Sync shipping rates”. Your shipping rates from Webshipper will now be imported to Prestashop.

22-01-2016 09-42-12

IMPORTANT! Remember to setup the individual rate options in the Prestashop shipping configuration.

#6 The rates will now appear in checkout

22-01-2016 09-44-11

#7 Customers will be able to select Pickup location if the shipping type supports it

22-01-2016 09-53-31

You have now setup the integration.

Please contact us at support@webshipper.com if you have any questions