This guide is only for WordPress multi-site configurations. For regular installations, see this guide:

  • Login to WordPress with you Network Admin Account.

If you do not have access to this account, you may have to contact your network admin or provider and have them add the following plugin.

  • When adding plugins as a network admin, go to: My sites –> Network Admin –> plugins.



  • Click Add, Search for Webshipper for Woocommerce and install the plugin.



  • If you want to activate for the whole network, click Network Activate. If its only for a certain site, see the following steps.
  • To activate the plugin for a specific site, go to: My sites –> “Your site name” –> Dashboard.


  • You are now seeing the Dashboard for this particular site, rather than the whole network. Now go to plugins and Activate  Webshipper for Woocommerce.


Now you can edit your Webshipper setting as normal. See this guide for help: