You can with Webshipper enable Drop Points, like Bring drop points, “Post Danmark Valgfrit Afhentningssted” or “GLS Pakkeshop” in the shopify checkout.

In order to enable drop points, it is required that your shopify subscription has “Carrier Calculated Shipping” enabled. Check the plan overview to ensure which plan you have. If its not included in your current plan, you can ask Shopify to enable it for an additional fee.

Once enabled connect webshipper to shopify by creating it as an order system in webshipper, this is done under “Settings” => “Add order system” => fill the form, and submit the form.

Next you want to add the desired carrier to your Shopify order system. See for reference.

Last you need to add your shipping rate. Ensure to activate “Droppoint” / “GLS Pakkeshop” / “Post Danmark – Valgfri afhentning” on the shipping rate, to enable droppoints in shopify checkout. Your checkout should now look like this. ( Depending on the selected carrier ) :
Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 08.42.47

NOTICE: If you  enabled carrier calculated shipping after the order system was created in webshipper, you will need to “reestablish connection” to shopify. Do so by clicking the order system in webshipper,  click the arrow beside of the “Add carrier” button and then “Reestablish connection to shopify”.