Webshippers printer client for windows makes the daily workflow nice and easy and saves you lots of manual work. It allows you to print shipping labels and packaging slips without any annoying clicks and dialogues.

To setup automatic printing with webshipper, please follow the steps below.

  1. Download the printer client ( Download link can be found in the portal under “Printer client” )
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions
  3. When starting the client you will get this screen:
    Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.34.50

    1. The username and password are the same credentials as you use to login to webshipper
    2. The printers are defined per format. This means that you need to pick a printer for labels, a printer for slips and a printer for All-in-one format ( slip, label and return label on same page ).
    3. When filled, click “Get started”
  4. Once the client is setup you should see this screen. At this point you are ready to get back in the portal. ( You can close the window, as it will keep running from the task-bar ).
  5. Back in webshipper go to Printers => Printer Clients. Here you should now see that webshipper found your Printer Client, and you are ready to assign this for printing jobs.
    If you assign the printer as “Default printer” all printing jobs will get sent to this printer. If you have multiple users using webshipper, and you want to use different printer clients, a user can always “Ack” a printer, and this will override the default printer-behaviour. If no default printer has been chosen and no printers are ack’ed, webshipper will provide normal PDF print in the browser.For now click the Icon below “Default” to select your new printer for default printer, and from now on all prints will go through the webshipper printer client.To define the format of your slips – you can read more about this here