When you have set up your e-conomic connection you are ready to import orders from economic.

This can be done either by enabling automatic import – or by importing orders and invoices manually.

To enable automatic import, go to your economic order system => click edit order system => Tick “Automatic import” and either or both “Automatically import orders” and “Automatically import invoices”

To manually import orders, follow these steps:

  • Go to “Orders”
  • Click “Import from …” => “E-conomic”
  • You will now get a box where you can specify in details witch entities you want to import
  • Here you can specify:
    • Agreement number to import from
    • Date interval. Be careful – it might take long time to import for a large period 🙂
    • If you want to import the orders with a specific rate, you can pick it here
    • Select if you want to import invoices or orders – or both.
    • Send immediately will execute the orders once created.