To setup webshipper with e-conomic you need to authorize webshipper  with your e-conomic account.

  • First go to “Settings” -> “Add Order System”
  • Select e-conomic
  • Insert your e-conomic Account Number
  • Fill in the sender address for shipments from e-conomic
    • You should now have a window that looks similar to this:
  • Click “Approve webshipper”. You will now be redirected to economic, where you will need to login in order to authorize webship
  • When done, you should be redirected to webshipper, and the connection is up and running. Next you need to add the carriers you would like to use with e-conomic. When done you are ready to make imports from e-conomic. Learn how to do this by clicking here. NOTICE:
    As e-conomic does not use ISO country codes but “free-written” country-names, you will need to use ISO countries in e-conomic in order to make webshipper able to fetch the correct countries.