When migrating from Consignor to webshipper you will achieve a lot of benefits. People often consider freight configuration as a tough and complicated task. But at webshipper we have made this as simple as it possibly could be. Below we have listed some of the benefits you will achieve when you have migrated your consignor solution to webshipper.

  • You don’t need to have an expensive physical server that costs a fortune in maintanence
  • All your shipments can be sent nice and fast from the webshipper cloud service
  • Print will be automated with our automated printing software
  • Free access to a nice and helpful webshipper support by phone or email
  • You can configure your preferred carriers on the fly
  • You dont need to have concerns of local software updates – all the coming webshipper features will be available for you right away.

To get started with the migration – follow the guide below.

Sign up for a free 7 days trial at webshipper.com

Its free to create an account and start using webshipper for 7 days. We want you to be comfortable and happy before committing to a paid subscription – and even when you desire to convert to the paid subscription – you are only comitted for 30 days.

Setup Webshop or ERP system integration

  • Determine if your webshop or ERP system is natively supported by webshipper. Alot of systems are already supported.
    1. Your webshop or ERP system is already supported
      Sign up for webshipper and follow the start up guide. Call our support if you have any kind of questions and we will be glad to help you.
    2. Your webshop or ERP system is not natively supported
      Dont worry! We have a tool that can read any CSV format – and we would be happy to configure this to take over your current installation. Contact support and we can get you started very soon!

Add carriers to your Order System in webshipper

  • Create your preferred carriers under your new Order System
    • Go to “Settings” => “Order systems”
    • Click your new Order System
    • Click “Add carrier” at the top right corner
    • Select your preferred carrier
  • Create shipping rates
    Shipping Rates are predefined freight methods that allows you to send orders in an extremely effective way. You will need to create the shipping rates that you want to use

    • Go to your newly created carrier under your order system
    • Click “Add shipping rate”
    • Select “Standard rate” ( meaning its not for return shipments )
    • Select the preferred carrier service, and define a price, name and desired destination countries.

You are all set!

Problems or questions?

Dont hestitate to contact us at +45 71 99 38 01 or support@webshipper.com. We would love to help you getting started.